Building Lasting Family Relationships

Retail: (ISBN 0-9647767-1-5) $15.95

This book is written for "Single" men and women who plan to be married and for "Couples" who want to strengthen their marriage by building a lasting Christ centered foundation upon which it stands. The principles God Himself established for marriage is presented in this book with extensive explanation of the meaning and application of each principle. Writing from the perspective that building a marriage on The Solid foundation of Jesus Christ is not possible without knowledge of basic biblical based Christ centered principles the author sets forth a number of biblical principles upon which marriage is to be built.

This book is step one for those who desire to build, grow or strengthen their marriage. For many, this book begins the process of moving away from fear of separation, divorce, unhappiness and moving toward unity, heart based love and fulfillment. This book includes the following major sections:

  1. The Institution of Marriage
  2. The Christian Home
  3. Family Communication
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Sex Education

These and other major sections of the book are broken into thirty two chapters designed to equip the reader with biblically based information that will empower them to build strong, positive lasting family relationships.